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Terri O' Supports All LGBT-I / Diversity - Minorities / Women's Civil Rights Issues!



We thought it was time to get everyone up to speed with Terri O'Connell's pop culture & celebrity status as well, cause she runs in some pretty big circles just like Danica Patrick & Jeff Gordon!

Terri O' transcends motor sports to become mainstream & pop culture media story proving her brand has marketability through out the media landscape. So, we are going to do a little bragging now!




Terri was spotted drinking coffee and socializing with famed  singer and song writer Joni Mitchel out in LA at the Glen Center Star Bucks!
Was that Terri O' hanging out with Country Music Superstar Kenny Chesney and one of his band members at the Atlanta Airport Hilton Lounge having a beer the Saturday night before the Atalanta 500 ... Yep!  And she stood within five feet of him inside the elite VIP circle the next day as he sang the National Anthem before the start of the race! 

She was also spotted having breakfast with iconic comic Mort Sahl and sitting right next to Beach Boy founder Brian Wilson!

Terri O' was spotted socializing with Beach Boy member Bruce Johnston at the Peabody in Memphis . . . who else was with them?

Did Terri O' appear in Playboy  ... Yep. She only did an interview though, no nudies. It ran on Playboy online for almost two years straight!

Was that Terri sharing a drink with iconic Hard Rock founder Isaac Tygrett in Memphis at the Peabody ... yep!

Did Terri actually live with international fashion and social icon Bianca Jagger ... yep! She also lived with the wife of a well know Middle Eastern finance minister (?) while in Los Angeles!

Was that Terri having dinner with well know Emmy winning actress and director Helen Shaver at Hugo's in West Hollywood ... yep!

Does Terri O' pal around with actress, author and civil rights activist Donzeleigh Abernathy, the famous daughter of Dr.. Ralph  Abernathy, famed and iconic leader in the 60's civil rights movement and best friend of Dr. Martin Luther King  ... yep!

Did Terri actually have  a personal lunch with famed motor sports promoter Humpy Wheeler at the Speedway Club in Charlotte ... yep several times!

Was that Terri drinking coffee with former super model and reality show star Janice Dickinson in Los Angeles at the Glenn Star Bucks . . . Yep!

Did Terri O' once hang out with actors Don Johnson and Kurt Russell  ... yep, down in New Orleans at a boat race ... Johnson actually called Terri O's house several times while working on a racing deal!

Did Terri O' really date a Congressman from Ohio ... she sure did!

Was Terri business partners with a sitting US Congressman in a business deal ... Yep!

Did she really work as a model ... yep, up in Charlotte, NC at Carolina Talent!

Was that Terri O' sitting on the pit wall and talking to Indy and Dancing with the Stars winner Helio Castroneves before the start of the American Le Mans race down in Atlanta ... yep!

Did she actually design and run the very first apparel company specifically designed for the female race fan ...yep!

Did she really date a NASCAR Sprint Cup team owner ... yep!

Did her former manager give her a VIP birthday party at the famed Beverly Hills Hotel ... Yep!

Did she really socialize with the the NASCAR media elite including the ones on Television today ... plus most the top NASCAR super star drivers and their wives ... yep!

Did she walk the red carpet at a LA ESPN NIKI launch party ... yep!

Did she walk the red carpet at a LA Magazine VIP event ... yep!

Did she really hang out with actress Sarah Jessica Parker at a New York Magazing event while in New York City ... yp!

Was that Terri sitting at the table at Chops with high powered publicist Howard Bragman, NFL star Esra Tualo and ESPN writer LZ Granderson along side David Archette and his possie at the NCAA Final Four ... yep!

Did she actually hang out with Bruce Jenner, Marcis Allen and Alice Cooper at a fund raiser during the ESPYS ... yep, it was held at the Sky Bar in Los Angeles and her friend Donzeleigh Abernathy was with her!

Is it true that there is an official question bout Terri O'Connell in the pop culture and iconic game "Trivial Pursuit" ... Yep how cool is that! Have you ever gotten the question about her while playing Trivial Pursuit!


Terri O' received all of this International Media exposure with out a publicist, manager, TV Show, or  organization marketing her! She did this on the merits of her historic first and only in world history life story!





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