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Awesome book and personal review ... don't need awards, just respect for the effort and perseverance!

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Question or Comment: I have just recently read your book, and think you are an amazing woman. In fact for those who have not read your book, they are missing out on one of the most compelling life stories in American or World history. Your life really is quite extraordinary, even iconic. I don't think I've ever read a more compelling book, what you endured, and then accomplished is so incredible, so courageous.

That brings me to say this in regards to being politically incorrect ... that you have not received the Author Ashe award at least once over the past 15 years instead of who they are now giving it to is beyond me, and would be to anyone who payed attention to your life story, and how your story broke in the press. I lived in Charlotte at the time, and to say your story sent shock waves through Charlotte, and the NASCAR community would be a huge understatement, heck the entire damn world went crazy. The courage to go public with your story in the heart of right wing religion and super macho racers took more than courage, it took true hard core grit and determination. As I remember you wrecked their world, and they also wrecked yours. The media and especially the radio DJ's there were unmerciful and ripped you into a million pieces every single morning for months.

As I read in your book, this took a huge toll on you because no one of power caught your back ... I cant imagine what you must have felt. I guess the fact that you had lived among them in total anonymity for five years, as this beautiful and talented artist got to them and they had to lash out. Especially the wealthy banker who sexually assaulted you and the powerful congressman who stole your company.

BTW, Your latest blog hits it right on the mark ... you probably have some people hating you for it though..

Thanks for being all that you are, unlike so many, you represent class and dignity, but more so you represent courage and talent under unimaginable stress and odds. By competing as a racing professional all those years with virtually everyone trashing your reputation and the gender rumors always following you, and then having the success in spite of it all is truly a heroic feat. And now that you are continuing your career in this dangerous and hyper political sport is even more amazing.

Thanks for writing such an amazing book. Please make a movie about you book!!!!! Stay strong.

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Question or Comment

It was a pleasure speaking with you on Monday Terrio surrounding all of your upcoming projects!

I've been reading your book and one thing is for certain, not only is your life compelling and will surely make a fantastic film project, it is a story that no one in Hollywood, no screenwriter in their wildest imaginations could conceive a more astonishing and off the charts story like yours. The entertainment industry keeps trying to one up themselves surrounding this subject matter and yet, not all the stories floating around out there today combined can get with in a mile of your gritty, heart felt and against the odds life. Your book, and your life is a not only an inspiration for anyone suffering from your issue, but inspiring to most anyone walking around on plant earth. Women should be rallying around you for your bravery, and your resilience. You're a great role model for all the women's organizations!

Your book deserves to be on the NYT's best sellers list, it's well written and it feels as if you're in the room and personally telling your story. Your warmth and insight shines through in every word. You're a gifted writer, with your own personal style that, I'm sure some literary types take measure with. But don't ever let them derail your gifted style, and since speaking with you, I'm sure you wont the naysayers get in your way! I have not been able to put the book down since I started reading it this past weekend!

I look forward to working with you and your team any way I can going forward. Your're one hell of a courageous human being. And damn good looking, and carry it with lots of class! The movie will be Oscar worthy ... Robin Wright is my pick to play you!

BTW, how have you kept the media off your back while racing up in Iowa, making history is no small matter!



I read Dangerous Curves this weekend. Amazing read from start to finish. You remind me of Sidney Sheldon in your writing style and your life is definitely like a movie. I wish you many happy days ahead. You have a real talent at capturing the mind. I feel I was living it with you.

After reading Dangerous Curves, I am so impressed with your writing ability. It is an amazing read from start to finish. My mind was transported in time with you. I felt the highs and the lows that you have encountered. You definitely are a very strong woman with a purpose on this earth. The personal and professional experiences shared in the memoir - novel are like none encountered by anyone on a daily basis. I feel you have more greatness coming to you in many different arenas.

I think you need to write mystery novels. You have an ability to make one's mind travel


Dar tagged you in a post.
Dar Bijarchi
December 21 at 8:10pm
Terri O'Connell is a truly inspirational woman. She has dealt with so much and, kept her head above the fray. She's strong, kind, friendly, fun, competitive, a winner, tenacious, compassionate, brave and, beautiful.
You won't believe her story.
But, you might if you read the book.
Stay strong, T!




Can you post the following - feel free to change it up...this was quickly redone from the heart... we should all be like you...

Meeting you even briefly last month, I saw something in your face and eyes, besides poise and outer beauty. On that Saturday night, I feared you were annoyed at an infringement on private time,there in your home town -the place where your epic story began. But now I understand. And your readers will understand like I did. Reading about your accomplishments: I can only marvel at their significance both athletically and competitively. In thrilling parallel, are your contributions earned socially and emotionally; contributions that grow exponentially as we learn about life, love, tolerance and finally: untainted appreciation.

Amazing. I think having met you - if only briefly- has intensified ability to lose myself in your story...and wish it could be done well on the screen...Teachable moments, this was the best reading in YEARS! You definitely were victimized (bullied by intent) but never, ever were a victim (by your emotional grit and ultimate clarity) You are a victor

Terri --- As an expository writer, I now weave and work your brave story in my mind - and your detailed recalling resounds in my heart .I am proud to have had my picture taken with you. It was not my fifteen minutes of fame - it was my nano second in an your epic history - a story you have boldly and brilliantly told ... and as a tumult with a quiet triumph. As we read your story, that triumph will begin to resound too... Your triumphs will become everyone's.  

Thank you. Linda Harrington Dees


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Question or Comment: You're amazing!


Just want to tell you that I think you're the most incredible person! You amazing efforts in bringing attention to the gender issues, standing up for women, bullying and fighting through some insurmountable odds in the the midst of sexism, ageism and plane old prejudice is not only extremely noteworthy, its hall of fame worthy. Being from Charlotte, I know some of the insulting crap you took when your story broke up here, how you withstood that I'll never know. You should be on the cover of all the magazines for your courage and historical efforts. After all, your professional  sport, your profession is not a dance class or an acting roll ... your sport is bad ass, it's dangerous as hell, it's political as hell, its expensive as hell and the macho puppies you have to compete against are not that welcoming, to say the least. I've watched you from afar and you're one hell of a brave sister, and you're damn talented and you're beautiful, naturally beautiful, I know I've seen you in person and your photos and TV image does not even come close to presenting your beauty, your tiny body that all women are so jellos of. So proud of you, you should be proud of yourself too. Keep up the fight, me and all my friends have your back ... your book is kick ass! I want one of your cool T- Shirts.


On Thu, May 30, 2014 at 5:09 PM, John Lee>
Dear Terri,
Just read your book, amazing!
I've known you for many years and I've seen your mammoth survival efforts and always respected you for following your dreams no matter how difficult they were. I had not read your book Dangerous Curves, I had resisted reading I guess because I was friends with your dad, and I guess I was just afraid to read it, afraid of what I might discover, more likely, I was just being a macho man, which is really sad, and I hate to admit it. But my wife pushed me to read it, always saying this book is not what you think, that it was amazing. Boy was she right, your autobiography is simply mesmerizing and eyeopening, and educational. Bravo, you did one hell of a job on this, I could not wait to turn every page. But more than that, I take my hat off to you, you're one courageous and one talent person who has earned every bit of the success you've had. And that came with untold bumps, scrapes, broken bones and broken promises. Yet you endured and pushed through. I surely hope this book gets made into a movie, it would be awesome! That Congressman needs a good butt whipping as do many others who took advantage of you.
I wish you all the best in any thing you do, you're a beautiful woman, exceptionally talented and have lots and lots of moxie!
John Lee, Nashville, TN

Tell Terry I just enjoyed reading her book. I loved her spontaneous way of expressing herself, "she is a very good story-teller", you can feel her pains and joy of life, it's as if she is in the room telling you her story. Her eagerness to be understood in such a strange position and the dramatic experiences she's been through, torn between her deep desire and merciless reality is revealing and dramatic. Here we have a publisher called MICHEL LAFON who could be interested in such an extraordinary autobiography.
Françoise b, France


On Wed, Apr 9, 2014 at 8:17 PM, Tom Blankenship ------------ wrote:

Terri, just wanted to tell you how impressed my wife and I are with you and with your life story. Honestly you're the most courageous and talented person I've met and you should be proud of who you are and what you've accomplished. And those accomplishments came under some of the most insurmountable odds and circumstances. I only wish everyone could read your book, and know this compelling and most unexpected journey you've been on. For all the hoopla the media is making over all the Gay athletes coming out, your life story, your medial condition and what you're pushing through to accomplish in motorsports, in my opinion is much more compelling, socially challenging and difficult to achieve. You've put your personal welfare and safety at risk, by telling your life story, you've taken on power, power that can hurt your career and more. As I learn more about motorsports, I've come to see, that this sport is so complicated and so difficult, and the internal politics surrounding the sport, quite honestly is eye opening and shocking. And it s real darn dangerous. That you've survived much of the political road blocks over the many years of your racing carer is what courage and tenacity is built around. Adding to this, is your personal survival, your life in the deep south, in a small town and all the social implications that transcended into your public and professional life has been an overwhelming and daunting experience and I really do not know how you've survived the journey. You deserve to return to NASCAR... life and society owes you that one last lap that you're working so hard to achieve. Your book truly documents this momentous journey, it's eye opening and its a must read, people would be better human beings by reading your book. Feel free to post this on your web site, we want to support you in any way.

Tom B, just middle aged male and new fan from Iowa

Just a note to say I enjoyed your book. I just finished reading it. I have lived in Corinth all my life. You got all those parts right!

The inside details or "mechanics" of a race driving career was interesting. Also, very interesting was the realities of the business world.(especially for women)

Your book encouraged me to continue to be kind, honest, and compassionate every day. I hope to maybe bump into you one day. After all, Corinth is still a small town! Amazing book!  But, it's home ain't it?!

Beth F, Corinth, MS


Inspiring beyond borders, this book inspired me! As a middle age male from a small town in Mississippi I'm stepping out here and telling everyone this book and Terri O'Connell gave me hope to endure a great loss in my life. I lost my oldest son a few years back in an automobile accident, and had a difficult time dealing with the tragic circumstances. Ihad heard of Terri, but never knew all of the back story and after having a friend give me her memoir Dangerous Curves, telling me I had to read it, reading about all of the dramatic circumstances surrounding her life and how she constantly had to beat the odds day after day, she gave me hope. I knew, after reading the compelling and inspiring book, that if she could over come all of the drama and set backs she had endured, and still be this vibrant and driven woman, I could use the same driven focus to over come my depression and hurt. This book is inspiring, it's inspiring for an over fifty life long son of the South, I highly recommend this book, it will inspire and entertain any one who reads it!

W. Darr, Boonville, MS


What an amazing book! I knew of Terri O'Connell through her media interviews over the years and was intrigued by her life story and wanting to continue her racing career ... now that I've read her amazing memoir Dangerous Curves, I realized her media coverage is 1% of her astonishing and against the odds life. The media has missed this one big time. This memoir is gut wrenching, it will make you cry, even weep ... then make you laugh out loud, then have you throwing the book against the wall over some congressman or powerful business man hurting her. I highly recommend this book, it is entertaining and enlightening and far superior to anything previously written on the subject matters she has discussed in this compelling memoir. If you want racing, it's in there, if you want family dynamics, it's in there. If you want gender issues and gender politics, it's in there ... if you want juicy gossip about racing, politicians and Hollywood celebrities it's in there too. Made me go an hug my child, made me open a bottle of wine and ponder! 10 stars!

Cassy Carson, Long Beach, CA


Just finished reading Dangerous Curves on eBook and oh what a ride it was. I was not only entertained with all of Terri O'Connels amazing stories but lead down a path of human challenge I was not prepared to travel. More importantly, Terri O could have turned into a tragic character, beaten down by life, missed opportunity and plane ole mean people trying to destroy her career and personal reputation. Yet O'Connell prevails, over comes insurmountable odds and personal tragedies to find success on the big stage while finding her courage, and steps out of the shadows of hurt, pain and intimidation to shine like a new silver dollar, just waiting to be spent on Madison Avenue with grace and will unlike I've witnessed in most people. This is one heck of a book. No, its one hell of a book that not only entertained me, but inspired me to do better! Men and women will both love this amazing read. Get this book and read it, you will not be able to put it down! 5 Stars for sure!

Charlie Hall, Norfolk, VA


Three words to describe Dangerous Curves and Terri O'Connell. Compelling, Inspirational and "GUT'S"! Every mom and dad should read this book, it will change their lives on how they view their kids. I'm a good ole boy from Virginia who worked in the textile industry and this book has moved me, actually changed my life to a large degree ... I'm now a Terri O' fan for life!

Bob Dodson, Martinsville, VA



Scott Galpin commented on your post.
Scott wrote: "I've seen U and Danica in person. You're prettier, taller,and not bow-legged at all. and a lot better racer,  Good luck this year! Your book is one hell of a story, one of the best I've ever read! Come up and drive a Sprint car if U get an open weekend!"



You have a really amazing story here! Everyone at Newsweek who has read this so far is transfixed. If you don't get a billion dollar movie deal out of this I'd be shocked!
Lorraine Ali


This memoir is most likely the most important book centered around the gender issues ever, and Terri O'Connell, in all likely hood is the most courageous person coming out of the diversity community in the last fifty years. As her memoir so boldly presents, the drama surrounding her life is virtually unprecedented in American history, especially in her chosen sport and profession of professional motorsports which is dangerous, macho and very political. I take my hat off to this most courageous human being! Dangerous Curves is one hell of a read that will not only entertain readers with every page turned, but educate and inspire them to be better people!

Gil Toff, Los Angelis, Ca


Survivor ... for me the word survivor is the theme surrounding Dangerous Curves. I could not put the memoir down once I started reading, I was not expecting such a challenging life story. I'm now reading the eBook version and it's even more dangerous than the original version. O'Connell is one hell of a person, quite amazing actually. I saw her racing at Knoxville this past Summer witnessing her talent and courage and knew I had to read her memoir. This is one fantastic read!

Lisa Spencer


Jerome Jimerson commented on your link.

Jerome wrote: ”I read it twice in just one week!! An there are only a few books I’ve done that with.”


"Days of Gender"

Whether you’re Christian or not, the significance of the following statement is pretty clear, at least it was for a young person grappling with their gender identity and on the verge of suicide.

“There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus (Galatians 3:28).

It was in a moment of despair so deep that putting an end to this persons life seemed to be the only alternative, after reading these prophetic words that J. T. Hayes, then an up-and-coming auto racing star, decided on the course of action that would allow J.T. to transition from a male gender role to a female one, which should have been taken care of for her by her doctors at birth. Now, and for the past 20 years, J. T., a former racing pro in midget, sprint, stock and NASCAR racing, has been known as Terri O’Connell. In her present incarnation, as a former fashion model and business owner, Terri is just now rekindling her racing career as a driver for the all female Dick Barbour Racing team in Atlanta, GA.


While reading “Dangerous Curves” on Amazon Kindle, I found myself blown away by learning about the life that Terri has led, and how she navigated her racing career, interspersed with her fulminating gender issues, to take "that puppy," to use the author’s own vernacular, to the rich and rewarding life she has attained today.


And what a book this is, as exciting as it is gut-wrenching! You can almost hear the engines building revs and smell the tires burning rubber, as the author takes you on her incredible journey through her transition, not only to a new gender role, but to personal self-actualization. This is the memoir on gender issues you’ve always wanted to read. And this is the book I had wanted, but didn't get, in the autobiography of Christine Jorgensen and many others about the varying gender issues. “Dangerous Curves” is a memoir that pulls no punches. It names and you will love to hear the "good ole boy" stuff, particularly knowing how the story turns out.


I'm the type who can be standing in front of a stack of 64 oz. mayonnaise bottles at Costco and not see them. Well, the scales are finally lifted from my eyes. Not only did the results of Terri’s chromosome test indicate XXy for her sex chromosomes, but the word, "intersex" is the operative descriptor here, and not the word “transgender” as I, and I think many others, had first assumed.  Her body shape and size along with her delicate face was always female, even her hands and feet are 100% female, which caused even more complications for her, in her chosen profession and the social atmosphere in which she lived. And there is such pain and agony to her story that and I was moved to tears on several occasions as Terri describes the fight to “realign” her gender to that which rightfully should have been hers in the first place.


So few people understand how painful a thing it is being out of sorts with one’s gender. As a Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in gender issues, I also see many other different types of clients, some in agony with serious bipolar issues or other problems. But, of all the areas of human emotional suffering I see, I firmly believe that gender dysphoria is among the most painful and disconcerting. That one cannot live one’s life as their true self is a horrible and painful deceit that many have to bear. And what we hear about and know about gender issues is just the tip of the iceberg. Because, for everyone who transitions, like Terri, there must be a score of others suffering from gender identity issues to one degree or another, who never get to live in the gender role in which they belong, because of societal guilt and shame brought about by our paternalistic way of life, where the idea of religion over biology dictates what is right and what is wrong.


As the author says, “mom's, dads and the entire families really need to read it ... it really is about family dealing with such a "CRAZY" biological situation and making sanity out of it ... my life was not West Hollywood ... this was the war zone. But we all made it, and brought a lot of people along on the tour of planet life in the mean time.”


Although I know a good deal about gender issues, I know next to nothing about car racing.  However, Terri O’Connell’s book, “Dangerous Curves” got me so hopped up I bought four new high performance tires for my 2004 Acura RSX 5 speed, had a wheel alignment and found myself driving aggressively for the first time in years. And what fun that was!  “Dangerous Curves” has got me inspired in more ways than one! I heartily recommend this inspiring memoir.


Lawrence M. Tunnis, Ed.D, LMFT

San Anselmo, Ca





J. Alberti

I completed your fantastic bio! Just wonderful, a life of perseverance and triumph! This needs to be on 6the New York Times best seller list J



"Today the all-time list of celeb biogs include unconventional spirits like Dolly Parton and Paula Deen. But it's safe to say that Dangerous Curves is - and will be for a long time - a new and startling benchmark of Southern autobiography. Dangerous Curves is a "Great American Story".

-- Patricia Nell Warren - New York Times Best Selling Author


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  Dangerous Curves: The Terri  
            O'Connell Story
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5.0 out of 5 stars An incredible story that educates, challenges, and entertains readers. April 13, 2009


Jennifer Winters "Professor J" (SoFla) - See all my reviews

This review is from: Dangerous Curves (Paperback)

Reading Terri O'Connell's memoir is like sitting down next to a friend and having her tell you her life story. Her narrative is warm and natural, with a good ol' down-home twang. As for the story itself, it is an incredible roller-coaster ride of emotions, challenges, near-defeats and, ultimately, victory. Terri explores Deep South sexual politics, gender roles and how a person's sex influences his or her power (or the lack thereof), along with giving a bang-up account of life in the racing circuit. She would literally have me laughing to the point of tears on one page, only to have me crying out loud on the next. It's her story; told her way, in her voice. 

Terri's journey is one that I am happy to know about. As a fellow product of Corinth, Mississippi, I appreciate her oh-so-vivid descriptions of our hometown and love the fact that she preserves that rich, musical Southern accent in her writing style. As an educator, I'm amazed at how she takes a story that could be a one-issue narrative and opens it to explore multiple issues related to gender, power, and family dynamics. Not to mention, she taught me a lot about the sport of racing! 

Go, Terri! I can't wait to see you on the racing circuit, leaving everyone else behind in a cloud of smoke.



5.0 out of 5 stars Down to earth telling of a highly dramatic story, May 27, 2009


N. Correal "Amy Bain" (Blue Mountain, MS) - See all my reviews

This review is from: Dangerous Curves (Paperback)

As a long time citizen of Corinth MississippiI was always aware of the Terri O'Connell "story". Mostly told in crass form by people that really had no idea what Terri was going through and what she had to overcome. My mother gave me a copy of the book a few weeks ago and I have to say that I literally could not put it down. As a mental health professional it was especially interesting to me and educational. This is a subject that has not been widely covered and rarely told with such honesty and depth of emotion. From the inside look at racing to the laugh out loud descriptions of her journey to complete womanhood; I can't praise the book enough. A must read for anyone interested in mental health, racing, gender issues or just humanity in general.




After reading Dangerous Curves I had to lie down and catch a break. What a crazy, inspiring and revealing life journey. Terri O'Connell is so far above the pay grade of most of us and her courage is even higher above our pay grades than that. This beautiful girls memoir is well written and kept me turning the pages with so much anticipation I could hardly wait to get to the next page and chapter. This is not a book about racing or gender issues, this a book about beating the odds, facing fears and surviving at the most extreme level of the human experience. Yes, the racing and athletic accomplishments are exciting and challenging and keeps you on the edge of your seat, but her life is even more daunting and challenging and makes you do a gut check at the end of every chapter. My wife and I both recommend this book to any one, including the media. This book is a game changer; it will change your life. (Five Stars)

--Clark Walters - Austin, Texas 



Bravo! Dangerous Curves is the new benchmark for autobiographies as best selling author Patricia Warren so gracefully stated in her review of this compelling memoir. I'm recommending this book to everyone I see including medical and education professionals. This story truly needs to be a teaching model for many of life's lessons. I was not only entertained; I was inspired by her courage and grit. The stories are compelling and dramatic that took me to emotional places I have not been in many years. Bravo Terri O'Connell, you have a hit and best seller on your hands. (Five Stars)

-- Don Waller - Teacher, Oklahoma City 




I just finished reading Dangerous Curves for the second time, and I'm still finding things in this amazing memoir that takes my breath away. Courage is a small word to describe Terri O'Connell, and I'm wondering why her picture is not in Webster's dictionary right beside the word courage. This book is a rallying call for all women in America, and an eye opening experience for beating the odds. The book is so dramatic it's hard to explain to someone who has not read the book. This is a must read for men and women and not just sports or racing fans, this memoir transcends the sport and connects with peoples lives unlike any thing I've ever read. I only hope the mainstream media discovers this most amazing story, Terri O'Connell deserves to have this story told. (Five Stars)

-- Cathy Thomas - Marketing Mgr., Boston, MA




I met Terri O'Connell a few weeks back at a book signing in Florence, and I was not prepared to see what I saw. She is clearly dropped dead gorgeous and I found myself a tad bit intimidated. I soon got over that when she made all of us feel at ease with her warmth and charisma. I had purchased her book after my wife made me, not because I really wanted to read about her but wow, was I ever shocked once I started reading. My wife and I are race fans, but we also enjoy many other ventures in life including Jazz and Blues where we always travel down to New Orleans for Jazz Fest every year. Dangerous Curves is a page turner and something that left me astonished, almost at a loss for words. I've never read any thing quite like this before, her honesty about her life and family, and the trials she went through only to come out as this beautiful, intelligent and courageous woman is something legends are made of. My wife cried like a baby at times while reading the book only to laugh out loud at other times and my emotions were challenged as well. Her racing accomplishments are legendary in racing circles but I was skeptical, I had my mind made up about her and this subject matter or similar gender related subjects, especially with some of the most outrageous people and stories in the media today, but I was wrong about Terri. She is nothing like those other stories in the news recently. She has class, she is normal and has actually done something with her life in the real every day world that hard working people like me and my wife can relate to. This book is not only epic as one of the reviews stated; it's Laurence of Arabia or War and Peace epic. Go Terri O, you have two new fans; you did an amazing job on this book, as every day average Southern folks we now call you one of our own. It was an honor to read your book and an honor to meet you. (Five Stars)
-- A Griggs, (Retired) NASA Engineer - Huntsville, Alabama


This memoir Dangerous Curves, about Terri O'Connell's life really is an Epic journey unlike any other in American history. It clearly maps out and challenges virtually every human emotion known to us as human beings. Quite frankly, Terri O'Connell is the most courageous athlete if not person in America considering the life and professional challenges she endured. It's quite amazing that she survived let alone achieving championships and entrepreneurial businesses in the most dangerous, popular and macho sport in the world. Her world class championship talent is a well known given, and now her skill sets have transcended into the literary world. This is one hell of a book! (Five Stars)
-- Kenny Furman, Producer/Filmmaker, Industrial Strength Films - Los Angeles, California


I happen to know Terri O'Connell, I'm not a personal friend but very familiar with her extraordinary life. I just recently finished reading her historic, shocking and well written book, and extraordinary is such a small word to describe this memoir. 
What strikes me about this and Terri's life is, she is so talented and accomplished all while being beautiful and personable. With all she has accomplished in her life she should be arrogant and big headed but she is not. She is warm and down to earth. She personally wrote this soon to be best selling memoir without a co writer or ghost writer like so many celebrities and pro athletes and she did one hell of a job. Plus, as an engineer she designed and built the racing cars she drove and won national championships in. She designed and ran the first apparel company for women in motorsports and her art designs both urban contemporary and motorsports are simply genius, and she took adventure so far over the top it's virtually impossible to believe she is actually a real live person let alone from a small town in Mississippi. I saw some where that Candice Bergin called Terri a renaissance woman ... I fully support that statement at every level of the life process. All of her adventures and accomplishments were achieved while beating some big time odds that would have killed a lesser human being. She is a survivor and very brave, and her memoir Dangerous Curves is clearly one of the great books for the ages. It's just not good, it's damn good. We are not only talking Oscar winning movie here, this should be an epic mini series on HBO, Show Time or TNT. (Five Stars)
-- John Welch, Pharmaceutical Sales - North Mississippi



This book is brilliant ... it's inspiring, challenging, heart breaking, heart warming and intelligent. I've never experienced an amazing and shocking story and for me Terri O'Connell is the bravest and most adventurous person I've encountered. She has stepped out of the box to attempt and accomplished some of the most adventurous things in life. This book deserves to be made into a movie; it's so much more interesting than any thing made in many years. Big thumbs up to Terri, I hope to meet her some day, I have lots of questions and I want to give her a big hug, she deserves many, she has endured so much heart break! This book should be a best seller! (Five stars if not more)
--Anna Lenore Nabors, Educator - Fort Wayne, Indiana



Reading Terri's memoir is like sitting down next to a friend and having her tell you her life story. Her narrative is warm and natural, with good old' down home twang. As for the story itself, it's an incredible roller-coaster ride of emotions, challenges, near defeats and ultimately, victory. Terri explores Deep South social politics, gender roles (and how a persons sex influences his or her power or the lack there of), along with giving a bang up account of life in the racing circuit. She would literally have me laughing to the point of tears on one page, only to have me crying out loud on the next. It's her story; told her way, in her voice.   
Terri's journey is one that I am happy to know about. As a fellow product of the South, I appreciate her oh-so-vivid descriptions of her home town and love the fact that she perseveres that rich, musical Southern accent in her writing style. As an educator, I'm amazed at how she takes a story that could be a one-issue narrative and opens it to explore multiple issues related to gender, power, and family dynamics. Not to mention, she taught me a lot about the sport of racing.
Go Terri! I can't wait to see you on the racing circuit, leaving every one in a cloud of smoke. (Five Stars)
--Jennifer Winters, Educator - Miami Beach, Fl



 The term "Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome", is the thread that is woven through out O'Connell's new memoir. I don't know how she made it through all she endured. The book made me laugh, cry and ponder ... this memoir consumed me. As a middle age woman from the South who knows how the good ole boys play in the work place and more so socially, I take my red hat off to Terri O'Connell. I honor her for being so brave and persistent. With all the trash in the media and entertainment, and especially in professional sports, O'Connell is a breath of fresh air; she has class and dignity while standing in the midst of a salacious hurricane. I only hope America discovers this book, it will change lives, and raise the bar a few well needed notches for the diversity communities, and professional athletes. Brave Girl, and a great must read book! (Five Stars)
--L Martin, Medical Assistant - North Mississippi



This Dangerous Curves memoir is a very smart and courageous literary adventure. Terri O'Connell is probably the most courageous athlete in America, if not the world today and some one who seems to not be able to take no for an answer. I found this book, and Terri O'Connell's life quite amazing actually, she clearly takes the reader on a once in history adventure that in the end leaves you inspired and, wanting to help her with her quest. The shocking gender issues attached at the hip with Americas most popular sport, only makes this life journey richer no matter who is reading the book. This is one hell of a life journey that challenges you as a reader to look at your own life in ways you never thought you would. It has many life dimensions that men and women alike can relate to. The family dynamics are breath taking. Very inspiring and very well written book by an inspiring and beautiful human being. (Five Stars)
--Don J. Watkins, Financial Adviser - Nashville, Tn 



There never has to be another story or bio written on the gender issue, or for that fact sports. Dangerous Curves has raised the bar so high I can't imagine any one ever topping this, not only for content and out of the realm living experiences, but for writing and narrative. I was totally consumed by this book, it took me on a journey I was not prepared to take, but thank goodness I did. This book and Terri herself are one courageous adventure, Lance Armstrong doesn’t have any thing on Terri O'Connell, and in fact he might learn a few things from her. Great Book, amazing life. (Five Stars)
--Don Robert Taylor, Engineer - Charlotte, North Carolina 



I had the pleasure of seeing Terri (JT) race sprint cars here in California back in the late eighties and early nineties. She was one of the smoothest drivers I have ever seen in my sixty five years. She won races with absolute grace. I had heard the rumors about her life and always thought there was more to the story than just the tabloid buzz around the tracks. Boy was I ever right; her life story is almost unbelievable. What she went through as a kid is so very sad, and the hurtful drama that followed her on into her adulthood is one of the great beating the odds stories in sports history. Racing is hard nosed, macho, political and so very dangerous and the fact that Terri was able to have the success she earned in the sport is the effort savored for hall of fame members. This book is inspirational, and in my opinion Oprah should get behind this story. Terri O'Connell is a hero for men and women alike and a bench mark all kids should have to try to reach. This story transcends the diversity and sports worlds and connects with regular folks like me and my wife. It made me rethink my life and my struggles, it made me look at Terri in a whole new and positive light. As a dad, the book made me hug my children and grand children and love them even more. I recommend her book to every one, especially parents, it is such a wonderful and educational experience that will change the way you look at your kids and understand to never take any thing for granted. (Five Stars)
--John McMillan, Hanford, Ca  



I hate sports, especially NASCAR! I'm a proud Transgender woman in New York who thinks racing is just a bunch of rednecks acting stupid. However, Terri O'Connell has intrigued me; I've kept up with her over the years. To me, for a while I did not realize she had a gender identity issue. I just thought she was a beautiful chick racer. I digress, what she is, is amazing. When I finished reading this book Dangerous Curves, I was in shock. I had read the Beatie (Pregnant Man and Bowman (Trans Professor) books with great interest, but Dangerous Curves is so far superior to those books or any gender related books that even putting them in the same category is demeaning to O'Connell's master piece. Every page is a dramatic heart felt moment in a dramatic and accomplished life. I don't how she made it through all she went through. The book is so down to earth and well written, that it does not talk over or down to any one. I also agree with her 100% about the internet and how she views the Transgender community, and that is hard for me to admit. "THAT TOOK SOME SOUL SEARCHING" from a liberal Transgender New Yorker, but O'Connell is spot on about those issues. The media should have a field day with this. The Congressman and NASCAR president in her story should be put in chains! Go Terri O, you're right, you're not Transgender, and you’re a very courageous and accomplished woman! What a great book! What an amazing life! (Five Stars)
--A DeFazio, Transgender Female - New York City  



My mother and I read Terri's book in two days, all 672 pages. It is one of the best written books we have ever read and, it is the most interesting book we have ever read. We could not put it down. Terri has not only captured the themes of her life with style and grace, she nailed the culture in which she lived with absolute truth! I'm thinking big time movie here. I want to say that meeting Terri in person at a book signing validates her natural beauty. Her best photos do her no justice, she is absolutely naturally pretty. (Five Stars)
--Greta Foster, Jewelry Store Owner - Corinth Mississippi

Walsh's definition of the Great American Novel fits the great American Story too, as neatly as a wing fits on a race car. And Terri O'Connell's Dangerous Curves is definitely a Great American Story!
-- Patricia Nell Warren, New York Times best selling author



As a former defensive back for the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) and a run at the NFL and then on to the real-estate business in North Mississippi and Southern Tennessee, I was reluctant to read this book. I'm a book reader; I read every thing from Faulkner to Michael Jordan so I know books pretty well. Terri's Dangerous Curves in my opinion is the best written book I've read in decades. It's raw, emotional, in your face, and every single page written by her, is a page turner in drama, excitement and human challenge. This book will eventually go down as one of the top memoirs in history. (Five Stars)
--Bruce D, Real Estate Developer - North Mississippi



An amazing book, simply amazing . . . Terri O'Connell is a writer and a story teller at the highest level. She is also very, very gutsy, women all across America should rally behind this book, and all of our issues are addressed in her memoir. This book is superior to any memoir out today. Un-like most athletes or Hollywood celebrity, she wrote this book herself which should shut up the critics, kudos to Terri! Terri O', we have your back! (Five Stars)
--Jean Bain, Real Estate Sales, the Mid South



I found Terri's book entertaining, informative and factual. Even though I'm not a racing fan, I never got board with her candid accounts on and off the tracks. I think her book would be great as a Television movie or even a feature film. (Five Stars)
--Jan Wood, Editor - Anchor (Retired) U-S Information Service - European Headquarters



I was pleasantly amazed over reading this incredible book. This is a mystery novel disguised as a memoir that not only kept me turning the pages but had my wife and I recommending it to all of our friends. The book is well written and leaves you feeling as if Terri is in the room telling you the story. Great book, and as an educated fifty year old white male from the South, I recommend it to every one, this intriguing book will not disappoint any one. (Five Stars)
--Bart Harrison, Harrison Industries - Nashville Tennessee



I have known Terri for several years and have been intrigued by her vast knowledge in virtually all topics of importance. Her decision to be herself despite the struggles that brought is a testimony in her potential for making a more enlightened mankind. Her memoir is simply great, extremely well written with a connection to the average person on the street, and very interesting. Terri has turned out to be a fine author with a bright future in the literary world. (Five Stars)
-- Tom Gober, Forensic Accountant (United States Justice Department)



This book is a series of life vignettes that tell the inspiring and some times awkward story of an underdog who has managed, against many odds, to remain hopeful despite wild circumstances. It is like reading a personal diary of the author’s life, it moves fast and speaks to life lessons, hardships, lots of awkward circumstances (which I could relate to) and what it takes to stay ahead of the naysayer. The struggles are universal and so are the feelings explored in the book. It is inspiring, well written, well organized and takes lots of unexpected twist. A good read. (Five Stars)
--Dr. Robert Wilford, PhD Psychology - Los Angeles, California



I read the book in one day. I couldn't put it down. This is a fabulous story, well documented and full of adventure, drama and fabulous celebrities. I hope I can meet and see Terri race soon. This is must read. I think I will go read it again. (Five Stars)
--EF Stewart, USA/UK (Female)

I just love this book; I know Terri's mom and I have to say this family went through so much over the years written about in this book. I wanted to smack that Congressman for hurting Terri the way he did. It's just like a powerful man to that to a woman. (Five Stars)
--Essie Blankenship, Home Maker – Mississippi



In addition several medical communities are using Terri's memoir as a teaching document, and two students have used her book as there final thesis to gain their PhD!

These reviews of Dangerous Curves were not solicited, they were given openly and freely by Real People in Middle America who have read Dangerous Curves and wanted to express their opinion. Conformation is readily available. This book was written for just these people!


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