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Terri O' Supports All LGBT-I / Diversity - Minorities / Women's Civil Rights Issues!




Author ... Terri O' has personally written one of the most compelling and important memoirs in the last fifty years. A memoir and life story that has been called a "Great American Story" and the new bench mark for Southern autobiographies over Dolly Pardon and Paula Deen by NYT'S best selling authors and media. Dangerous Curves is one of those books that once you start reading it, you can’t put it down until you’re finished. It's a memoir that reads like a dramatic mystery novel yet chomped full of humor and insight that will challenge your heart and your ability to think intellectually!
Artist ... Terri is known nationally for her innovative and cutting edge art style that leave many calling her a creative genius. Naturally gifted, she has a knack for capturing the coolest and most innovative concepts and penning them to paper. Whether it's contemporary retro or her innovative and personal tricked out tribal style that sets her apart from the crowd, she truly put the Terri O' touch and mark on any artistic endeavor she pursues. When you see it, you know she did it! 
Apparel Designer ... Terri O' has made it her mission in life to develop one of the coolest and hippest apparel companies around. Her cutting edge art concepts applied to hip apparel pieces positions Terri in some very high company. She even innovated and created the first apparel company for female race fans back in the mid nineties and today continues that flair for knowing what's hot with the launch of her Dangerous Curves Society apparel that brings Music, Motorsports and Mojo designs to the market place for the entire family! 
Mechanical Engineer ... Terri O' grew up in the midst of her dad’s mechanical and engineering legacy. She got her dad's engineering genes and helped her dad developed his highly successful Tool & Die company back in the eighties. She knows mechanical engineering and the Tool & Die business like she knows the back of her hand!
Machinist ... Because she grew up in the Tool & Die Business, she learned how to run all of those cutting edge machines it takes to make things in the engineering world. She is an expert in operating any machine in the Tool & Die business as well as being an expert in all types of welding. That's a long way from a fashion runway and the Sunset Strip where she is just as at home!
Mechanic ... Growing up in a home where your father was a bad ass race car driver and a great auto mechanic rubbed off on Terri too. Over the years she became known as one of the best race car mechanics in America which lead to her developing race cars that won her many professional races all over America!
Designer & Builder of Cutting Edge Race Cars ... Terri learned fast that in racing you always need an edge if you’re going to be a winner so she made it a point to develop and design her own race cars, to build them from scratch and then take them to the winners circle. She is known by the who's who in Motorsports for designing and building exotic, fast and innovative race cars that win ... that win a lot!
Professional Race Car Driver ... Terri was blessed with very good race driving genes; she got them from her dad who was one of the best in the South. Terri O' took that family opportunity and transcended her career to become one of the best in the nation in many different types of race cars. Her versatility in driving and winning in different types of race cars ranging from Karts, Midgets, Modified's, Late Models and Sprint cars along with Sports Cars, and of course NASCAR Sprint Cup Cars is legendary. She amassed over 500 career wins competing against the sports super stars including Jeff Gordon.
National Champion Driver ... Terri always looked past her city limit sign in pursuing her racing career ... by doing so she worked hard, always thought outside the box and transcended her talent, vision and hard work in to winning three National Championships in motorsports. Only two people from the State of Mississippi can make that statement, Terri O' (who came from a middle American blue collar back ground) and Lake Speed (who was a old money elitist multi million air); very few in America can make the statement that they are a national champion in Motorsporst or any thing else!
Fashion Model ... In 1995 Terri was approached by Randy Mottsinger, the owner of established talent and modeling agency in Charlotte, North Carolina to work as a life style model.  From 1995 through 2003 Terri O' made regional commercials, modeled at conventions and auto dealerships as well as representing several cosmetic companies. She also did several national campaigns for Volkswagen Candies, and the Fashion Cafe! 
Social Activist ... Since telling her historic life story to the press in 1998, Terri has been focused and steady in promoting and standing up for human rights. She has been a strong advocate for women’s health issues and especially domestic violence. She believes everyone has equal rights, no matter their race, gender or geographic location. She is focused on making everyone’s life safer and more productive and having the opportunity to pursue ones dreams and goals without prejudice and bigotry!

Public Speaker ... Terri is known for her inclusive speaking style ... just like her memoir, where she makes you feel as if you're sitting on the couch while she is personally telling you her life story, her public speaking skills are one and the same. She is a natural in front of a crown of three thousand or in the company of just three people. Since releasing her memoir Dangerous Curves she has been in demand for both corporate and motivational speaking engagements. 

National Celebrity ... When Terri's historic life story broke in the national press back in 1998, she found herself courted by virtually all of the main stream press. Every one from Larry King, 20/20 and The Bio Channel did comprehensive interviews and profiles of her inspiring life. The New York Times, People, Newsweek and every other main stream magazine and news paper around the world could not resist writing stories about Terri, including the tabloids. That media notoriety transcended into celebrity status allowing her to walk the red carpet at Hollywood movie premiers and high profile launch parties in Beverly Hills. She even lived with fashion icon and international human rights activist Bianca Jagger, the former wife of Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger. Looking back, that's a long way from dirt tracks and racing stock cars in Mississippi. Through out all of the notoriety Terri has remained grounded and maintains her down home style that endures her to fans all around the world.

Corporate Spokes Person ... Through the years Terri has endured herself as the perfect corporate spokes person by representing high profile companies like Parts Plus, Valvoline, Coors, Budweiser, Volkswagen, Este Lauder, Candies and The fashion Cafe. She has national and international notoriety and has always presented herself publicly and privately in the most moral and life centered way. Her down home, yet sophisticated style allows her the opportunity to connect with people from all walks of life and that's why corporate America and fans from coast to coast have connected with her. Even the controversy surrounding her medical issues endure sponsors and fans insight into her courageous life that exemplifies perseverance, focus and the will to always beat the odds. That's exactly the human spirit corporate partners are looking for in presenting their companies to the public arena!
First and Only in History Life Story ... Because of being born with a rare biological anomaly, "Disorders of Sexual Development", which she over came and had corrected in 1994, and her career life path of professional auto racing, Terri is the first and only person in the world to race professionally both as a male and a female. Not only that, she is the only person in the world to have been a winning professional before corrective surgery and after. Her life and biological circumstances are so unique that no one will come along on this earth quite like her in the next thousand years or so. At 5'6", 34/24/34 and weighing in at 118 pounds her natural feminine build and biology makes this Cher look alike and her over 500 pro wins in auto racing even more astonishing. Many of those wins came against Americas best race drivers including Jeff Gordon. Motorsports is the most macho, dangerous and cut throat sport in the world, and there is no women's racing league ... the significance and importance of her courageous life cannot be overstated or said about her astonishing life path and it's unique and historic implications! We can boldly state there is no one on this earth that can compare to Terri O'Connell or has beaten the odds more!
Producer ... Today, Terri O' is taking her renaissance life and talents on a new adventure as a movie and television producer to the next level, proving that she really is a renaissance woman in the highest order. Always the creative soul, Terri has a notebook and computer full of new, original and innovate reality TV concepts including a high speed drama filled adventure about her return to big time professional Motorsports and her oxymoron life style that embodies life in a small Southern town, life in the fast lane out on the international racing circuits and the high brow fashion industry as she readies  to launch her new apparel company to the world. She also has two other revolutionary TV projects in the works that will have America buzzing. As usual, Terri is pushing the envelope and proving she is never satisfied with setting on her past and present laurels!
Entrepreneur ... Over the years Terri O' has been the consummate entrepreneur by conceiving and creating every thing from high tech race car companies, tool and die businesses, marketing and public relation groups, on into apparel and graphic design companies that always wow the critics. She has never been afraid to take a chance, to put her ideas on the line and make them successful.  She has been called a creative genius and ten years ahead of her time by the who's who in Motorsports and the media elite ... she is always cutting edge, insanely hard working but focused on  her projects logic and common sense in order to make them successful. Because of that, Terri O'Connell truly is one of America's, if not the worlds most gifted human beings and entrepreneurs. Anyone who knows her or has met her knows, or soon realizes she is always thinking, always one step ahead of you and always willing to take the risk in order to find success in business, on the race track and in her life!

                Laney Dunbar, MV Global ventures


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