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Terri O' Supports All LGBT-I / Diversity - Minorities / Women's Civil Rights Issues!

Dangerous Curves / Cinema Vitesse







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For Immediate release 9/8/14


For Immediate release 7/21/14



For Immediate release 2/5/14

72 tt Productions and Dean Film HD & Television get on board to produce Feature Film based on Dangerous Curves: the Terri O'Connell Story


Memphis area based 72tt Productions and Dean Film HD & Television put deal in place to produce feature film based on Terri O'Connell top selling and dramatic memoir Dangerous Curves with script and pre production already in the works.

Executive producer Tony Williams looks for this effort to be in full production by mid summer.Williams states, 'We already have amazing interest from some "A" list actors and have already signed a known actor from Forest Gump to play a leading villain role in the film. We are committed to making this movie as authentic as possible and we are going to keep the true Southern feel in the film by shooting on location where most the book and life story took place."

Williams gos on to say, 'Terri O'Connell's life story is clearly one of the most important life stories to come along in the last fifty years ... she truly is a real life female Rocky ... but with a much more challenging and complicated life story."

Look for more details coming surrounding this important film project over the next few months as we announce our acting roster and filming target dates. This film will be shot in the Memphis and North Mississippi areas with some scene shots in the Carolina's, New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

For more information contact us here.

Media Contact here on our contact form:








For immediate release 8/7/13

New Bold - Bolder - Boldest  promotional poster honoring Terri O's diverse and iconic talent releasing August 23!



For Immediate Release 6/27/13


Rev X Racing Partnership Will Make
Pop Culture a Norm in the World of Motorsports

June 27, 2013 - Rev X Motorventures, along with famed driver, author and pop culure icon, Terri O' Connell announce a new partnership that will bring music, fashion and motorsports to the forefront of the motorsports industry. R&B / Hip Hop management group, Carter Management and weekly internet radio show, Let’s Talk Racing, will join this motorsports champion, author, artist and model in her return to the track in 2013.

Dubbed as the “Female Rocky”, O'Connell will return to racing competition in 2013 by competing in three well known series, including the K&N Pro Series East, ARCA, Camping World Truck and NASCAR Nationwide Series. O'Connell, who has won national championships racing karts, midget and sprint cars across the country , has been spending the last few years getting back as well as making it to NASCAR Sprint Cup Series has been getting back on track racing in 410 Sprint Cars across the country all while testing stock cars at the famed Langley Speedway in Hampton, Virginia. Now she is ready to prove once again why she is ready to return to her winning ways while exposing this fan base to the pop-culture industry.

 Looking to build a bridge between two of the world’s biggest entertainment mediums, music and motorsports, with well designed and exciting global marketing initiatives, Robin Carter, owner and operator of Carter Managemnt, Roger Brehm, manager of Let's Talk Racing, are excited to be working directly with O'Connell and Rev X Motorsventures on their efforts to make its launch back into racing.

 We have several VIP red carpet launches and promotions surrounding O'Connell's efforts in Los Angeles, New York City and Miami,” said Carter. “These VIP events will involve top flight musical acts, fashion, movies and of course motorsports and all of us here at Carter Management are excited to get the ball rolling on this while assisting this renaissance woman and championship driver in her efforts to get her racing career back on track because she deservers every opportunity.”

 I have had an opportunity to work with O'Connell over the past few years,” said Brehm. “She has continued to assist with my efforts to expand my weekly motorsports related internet radio show and now we are going to have an opportunity to take this partnership one step further. This is a very exciting opportunity!”

 Look for O’Connell to be back on track by season’s end. O'Connell also has plans to make a full return to the NASCAR Nationwide Series alongside the Rolex Sports Car Series in 2014. For more information about Rev X Motorventures and driver, Terri O'Connell visit or,  



For Immediate Release 5/20/13


For Immediate Release 5/18/13


For Immediate Release 4/4/13

Autograph signing in Martinsville, VA Sunday April 7 @ Chase Austins souvineer trailor!

Terri O'Connell, Ron Hornaday, Chase Austin and Brennen Newberry will be signing autographs in Martinsvill, VA @ Chase Austins souvineer trailor Sunday morning April 7 during the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series & Sprint Cup event weekend!

For Immediate Release 3/11/13

O'Connell, Rev X and Reno, Nevada's Carter Management Form Partnership

O'Connell Testing in Talladega

Terri O'Connell, Rev X Motorventures and Reno, Nevada management group, Carter Management, who repesents many R&B, Hip Hop and Pop Culture acts form partnership to develop branding parteners around O'Connells motorasports and  endorsement endeavors by bringing a bold Music  & Motorspports theme into motorsports arena. Carter Management a top level concert promoter also runs special Red Carpet events at the Oscar and Golden Globe galas and looks to develope huge Red Carpet events and concerts surrounding O'Connells  branding partners and 013 racing efforts!

Carter Management CEO Robin Carter is personally heading up all of O'Connells marketing efforts and looks to make major announcements in the next fourteen days surrounding O'Connells motorsports efforts in NASCAR, ARCA, The World of Outlaws Sprint Cars as well as LA based Red Carpet events to announce these partnerships!

Terri O'Connell will be testing an ARCA Stock car in Talladega, Al the first week of April leading up to the Talladega ARCA event in May. Stay tuned for futher details on her historic resurgence here @!


For Immediate Release: 03/01/13


2012 – 2013 Resurgence & History for O'Connell

You've seen her on 20/20, The Bio Channel, Larry King & in the New York Times, Newsweek and People Magazine

Terri O'Connell, the most versatile and accomplished female in Motorsports is set to compete at the famed Short Track Nationals in Little Rock. Arkansas, the end of season Championship Modified Madness at Langley Speedway in Hampton, Virginia this coming October and the Chili Bowl Midget Nationals (The Super Bowl of Midget Racing) in Tulsa, Oklahoma January 10 - 14, 2013. O'Connell, who garnered 150 of her over 500 personal motorsports victories in midgets, including a national championship and a new one lap world track record has aligned her talents and iconic career for the famed Chili Bowl with one of the nations premier teams (TBA October 30th) and longtime Sprint Car backer Scott Galpin based in Knoxville, Iowa and her newly formed Rev X Motorventures based in Hampton, Virginia.  O'Connell, who will be challenging Americas greatest drivers at the Chili Bowl Midget National is also putting a, 2O13 five race LMPC American Le Mans Series deal in place with Dublin, Ohio's Intersport Racing, several NASCAR Nationwide events and as many 410 and 305 Sprint Car events as her schedule will allow through out the mid west and at the famed Knoxville, Iowa Speedway …  including the Knoxville 360 and 410 Nationals. O'Connell and her management group have efforts in the works to run her and an all female driving team at the 2012, 24 Hrs of Daytona and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Corporate partners, schedule details and international press opportunities will be announced through a national press conference in the coming weeks. In 2013 O'Connell will become the ultimate Triathlon of motorsports driver proving once again she is one of the most accomplished and versatile professional race drivers in the world. O'Connell's once in world history life story continues to transcend sports/motorsports as she raises the bar for both male and female competitors by taking her sponsors and her charities to the mainstream pop culture audiences all around the world! 

Check out Terri O's compelling, daunting and inspirational memoir Dangerous Curves  new eBook release here on this site, which has been called a Great American Story and the new benchmark for Southern memoirs over Paula Deen and Dolly Pardon, by NYT's best selling authors and the media elite! 




For immediate release: 02/24/13



Terri O'Connell, the most dynamic, courageous & compelling pro athlete in the world kicks of her long awaited & historic "Triathlon of Motorsports Tour" to make world history 


Kicks in her resurgence in 012 with sights set on bigger efforts in 013


Launching Rev X Motorventures, a new century branding company & fan based partnerships VIP Sweepstakes in NASCAR, World of Outlaws & American Le Mans!

Model, author, engineer, designer and pro racer with over 500 wins gets back to the top levels of professional motorsports in NASCAR, The World of Outlaws Sprint Cars and the American Le mans Sports Car Series to make world history in the worlds most popular, dangerous and difficult sport!

Born with a rare biological condition that was corrected in 1994, "Disorders of Sexual Development" (intersex) O'Connell, a 5' 6", 119 pound hottie is the first and only person to compete professionally both as male and a female and will be the first and only person in world history to do so at the top levels of pro motorsports! She was a winning professional who made it to NASCARS premier series Sprint Cup, before her corrective surgery and is driven in getting back to victory lane now that she has her personal life in order. O'Connell states, "I don't want this to become a gimmick, but rather an exercise in talent, accomplishment and commitment to a dream that counts above and beyond any road blocks inspired by misunderstandings and personal prejudices! My personal issue is about Mother Nature; it’s about biology, not a mystical whim and because of that, I'm committed to making this return to the big leagues count on and off the track! I have unfinished business in the sport as driver, as an artist and designer, and as a branding mentor to up and coming female professionals who are committed to making it in motorsports. I truly believe that at the end of the day, talent and commitment has to count above all else. I'm also focused on getting my Rev X project in motion, a movement focused on improving women's issues, preventing bullying and creating Jobs for America ... I've seen the back hand of all of these issues, I'm making these issues a theme for my racing and branding efforts in 2012 and beyond with  a Color Me Purple them that brings awareness to Bullying and Domestic Abuse … all of my racing helmets will be painted purple supporting these issues and to bring back the color combo tradition that my dad started back in the sixties!" 

The courageous and historic teams!

She has the teams, she has the crews, she has the talent, and she has the looks, accomplishment and experience. She holds the Gold Standard for any one looking to make their mark on the national and international stage... she has proven record breaking international media exposure and a compelling, heart felt against all odds and controversial story that has history, inspiring story lines and fans from around the world on her side! Gearing up to compete in three different professional racing series, The World of Outlaws Sprint Cars with a limited Sprint Car season at Knoxville raceway that includes the Knoxville Nationals for Scott Galpin's Go Racing in partnership with Tom Madden Motorsports and Kustom Sprint Car Supplies based in Knoxville, Iowa, The NASCAR Nationwide Series for Robert Richardson Racing and with Dublin, Ohio's Intersport Racing in the American Le Mans Sports Car Series. O'Connell looks to showcase her well known multi dimensional and accomplished racing skills while taking on the big boys of motorsports in several different series. All of her teams have shown great courage and vision by partnering in her 2013 efforts and beyond ... Tom Madden, team owner for her World of Outlaws and Knoxville efforts states, "Terri is exactly who I want in my car, she is fast, knows what makes the car tick, doesn't tear up equipment, is a joy to be around and she brings our team and the sport extreme media exposure, and that's really, really good for the sport. I'm going to help her do what ever she wants, including helping out with her NASCAR and American Le Mans efforts ... and taking her over to Australia next winner to race the winter Sprint Car circuit."

Former United States Soccer Team member, lecturer, Documentary film maker and long time mentor Gil Toff states, "Terri O's courage, commitment, pro racing resurgence and her never give up step back into the top levels of motorsports cannot be over stated ... her perseverance in getting this project is one of the most inspiring athletic achievements in American History. She has not only endured many heart breaking and painful setbacks in her life, but witnessed untold obstacles, failed opportunities and setbacks over the past few years that would made the most resolved person quit in tears. She hung in there and always took the philosophy that talent, commitment and accomplishment count ... not road blocks and bad attitudes. There is a 99% guarantee, anyone else enduring what she has in getting back on track, or in life would have given up a long time ago! She really does have a Lance Armstrong type of life, but in my opinion one with even more personal and professional challenges. Her resurgence is iconic on several levels, most people in the sport thought she would give up, they thought she would never make her return to the top levels of the sport, something many were hoping would play out. Another is, she moves the bar up a few more notches on advancing the sport into different mediums, into different demographics the sport desperately needs to continue its growth and to be competitive with other entertainment mediums. That’s a big deal in the end that is a game changer that will take this sport to a newer level of interest. Her life story and grit has something for every one to sink there teeth into."

Toff, who as lectured extensively on mental health through out the world feels that Terri's efforts transcend the sport, that the definitive bench mark of her life is "More Than Racing" ... he sees her as an inspirational figure and pop culture phenom that connects with fans from all walks of life, especially women who have to beat the odds daily in their own personal and professional lives! Terri O's life story is what legends and courage are made of and her past media exposure from 20/20, The New York Times to Larry King, People and Newsweek, as well as international coverage from London and Argentina to Italian Television proves she is one of motorsports and pop cultures most media covered stories and now, the next exciting and dramatic chapter in the worlds most diverse and dynamic athlete continues, and does so with dramatic flair on the world stage!

Rev X Motorventures partner and Racing TV producer Roger Brehm seconds Toff's sentiments and goes further with his observations of O’Connell’s resiliently to always beat the odds. Terri O' clearly has that "It Factor" both on an away from the track, she has that never give up attitude only found in the elite athletes in the world. She has so many talents and ambitions that we see her as a "Renaissance Woman". I haven't seen any thing she can't do or accomplish; she never turns the creativity off, she works all the time. More importantly I know first hand, no one has given her any thing, she has worked 12 and 24 hour days most of her life achieving her dreams and goals. All those wins, all those hundreds of pieces of art, all the marketing is her working like a crazy person and that’s really unique in today’s world of pampered athletes and Gen X’s! From art to engineering and marketing as well as being an inspiring author, she has it all covered. She has wisdom and vision for life, for what is right which is only reserved only for old souls. Her compelling memoir Dangerous Curves is one of the most amazing pieces of literary to come around in years and has been called the new bench mark for Southern Autobiographies over Paula Deen and Dolly Parton. Many people have stated that she is "different and controversial.” Different", you bet she is … however she is different and controversial in the most positive and inspirational ways, everyone should be different like her ... we would all be better citizens and human beings if we were. Motorsports needs different; it needs a breath of fresh air out side the box to grow the sport and Terri O' brings that in aces. All the racing series from NASCAR to the American Le Mans Series should embrace and nurture the added ratings she is going to bring to their broadcast. She is a broadcaster's, promoters and sponsors dream with her infectious personality and first in history life story! She is fearless, a risk taker who believes in the American Spirit that if you work hard, nurture your talent and persevere, one should have the opportunity to follow their dreams and find success.” Brehm continues by stating, "I've witnessed her talent in a race car first hand, it’s amazing to see her wheel a race car with ease. She is fast in any thing she drives from stock cars to exotic sports cars. I’m not saying she will win right off. However, it’s just a matter of time before she gets back to victory lane. A person with her talent, accomplishments and skill is destined to return to championship form." 



     Rev X is Launching, "Become a Race Team VIP" 02/01/12


                                              Experience History

                                             Become A Race Team VIP!

                                          "30 Days Triathlon Trifectia" 

                 "Terri O'Connell's Historic Triathlon of Motorsports Trifectia"

  Daytona Nationwide           The Chili Bowl Nationals          The 24 Hours of Daytona

        NASCAR                             National Midgets                     Rolex Grand AM 

                                                Terri O'Connell's

                          Triathlon of Motorsports 2012 Tour


                          Team Rev X / Intersports Racing / GO' Racing

                              Supporting "Jobs for the American Spirit"

                                 3 Amazing Grand Prizes & Much More!

Win a VIP trip with Terri O'Connell as she challenges her historic "30 Days Triathlon of Motorsports Trifectia", supporting "Jobs for the American Spirit" @ the NASCAR Daytona Nationwide event, the Tulsa Chili Bowl Midget Nationals and the Grand AM 24 Hours of Daytona! Become a Team Rev X partner and have the opportunity to win big and be a VIP! 

Rev X Motorventures announces the "Win a VIP Trip with Terri O"! Win an all expenses paid weekend with accommodations at a top flight hotel, all access VIP passes and team membership at the event as well as lots of swag perks to remember your once in a life time weekend with Americas most diverse & iconic driver.

Become a partner with Team Rev X and legendary female competitor Terri O'Connell with the chance for a lucky race fans to win big and be an official VIP!

For all the cool details on how to qualify for & get in on this exciting opportunity along with more intimate details about Terri O’Connell’s historic life and professional resurgence,  check out Rev X Motorventures @!     


Building a Brand

Rev X Motorventures is building a marketing and branding company for new century partners with a primary focus on female pros in motorsports and funding Terri O’s exciting racing efforts. Our marketing professionals have most of Terri’s Sprint Car program funded and are hard at work filling the 2013 season for runs in NASCAR and the American Le Mans Series and Grand AM and ARCA. O'Connell and her partners Roger Brem and Gil Toff are gearing up to launch a compelling Female Driver Development program that will culminate in a 2013 all female driving effort at the 24 Hours of Daytona, the 12 Hours of Sebring and the 24 Hours of Le Mans and possibly a fully sponsored program for the top performing female in the ARCA Stock car Series. Look for Terri O's cutting edge art and apparel concepts, Dangerous Curves Society - DSC Apparel launching this May on the internet, at small boutiques and throughout social media.

For more information on Terri O'Connell’s historic 2012 Rev X Triathlon of Motorsports efforts please contact the marketing professionals @

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