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                    Dangerous Curves Photos


img052.jpg       img048.jpg      CCF10032012_00004.jpg     

Her Mom & Dad  1957        Her Dad & his Stock Car in 1957        Her Granny in 1957

CCF10032012_00003.jpg                    img019-1.jpg 

      Terri & her mom in Gulf Port                           Terri, her dad & her first Kart


    Terri lined up for her first big Kart race in Colunbus, MS, & her dad in black 

   img023.jpg                       img022.jpg 

      Terri winning Nationals                 Terri in Jacksonville winning Winter Natls

     img024.jpg                            img025.jpg 

     Terri @ The Astro Dome                                 Taking her first Sprint Car win 

          CCF10032012_00007.jpg                       img051.jpg

   Terri's dad & team owners Brother         Terri setting Track Record in Memphis

       img026.jpg                            img028-261.jpg 

       Terri taking a win in Chico, CA                    Terri giving info to Mr Donlavey  

       Pulling_on_track.JPG                               On_top_of_petty.JPG

      Terri testing @ Rockingham                      Terri on top of Richard Petty's hauler

      Terri_lining_up.JPG                    img027.jpg

 Prepairing for the Goodwrench 500      Terri @ speed during the Goodwrench 500

img029.jpg                          img030.jpg

Terri getting traction in Little Rock               Terri @ Speed @  Mini Sprint Natls

  CCF10032012_00000.jpg                       CCF10032012_00001.jpg 

Terri one week before surgery                        Working at the the modelig agency 

   CCF10032012_00002.jpg                              img330.jpg 

Terri & her agent Randy clowning                            Terri in modeling shot for CT


                       Terri and her Beetle during the famed Cannonball Run


   Terri & her co driver Amy & all the action during the famed Cannonball Run


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