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Terri O' Supports All LGBT-I / Diversity - Minorities / Women's Civil Rights Issues!


Media Guide to Extrodanary Events in Terri's Life, What to Cover! 


Why is this story so different, why is Terri O'Connell considered to be the one of the most compelling - dynamic athletes and social trailblazer in world history? Is her memoir a memoir, or is it a mystery novel, or an action adventure novel, or a heart felt beating the odds story ... does it appeal to men and women alike?


Dangerous Curves: The Terri O'Connell Story presents some substantial challenges and choices for the media when covering this daunting and historic story. What part of the Trailblazing and compelling memoir do they choose to focus on ... There is so much to choose from? The story out runs the competition by miles for content, accomplishment and historic value!

Is it the heart felt family dynamics played out in a small southern town in Mississippi that transcends on to the national scene encompassed by legacy, religion, physical illness, social bigotry and heart breaking depression? (As a child Terri was constantly sick with extreme asthma and confusion over her gender identity almost dying several times) Of course those 100 miles per hour car chases through the streets of her home town as red necks tried to hurt her kind of ramps the intensity up a few notches! Her early and teen years brought on bullying and social hurt while her father fought hurtful alcoholism that pushed the family to the brink.

Or is the focus on O'Connell's national championship winning career hard fought in the midst of bigotry, black listing, death defying crashes and broken bones all while Terri fought through depression, physical illness and humiliation through out the national Motorsports community and over the top scandal in her small home town in Mississippi? (Ground zero for the civil right movement) The fact that she won over 500 professional races, became a multi time national champion against the likes of Jeff Gordon and made it to NASCAR's top series Sprint Cup, is not only historic it courageous and extraordinary. That took talent, guts, perseverance, resolve, resilience, intelligence and luck like never before in sports history! That ant Tennis or cup of hot tea that is big time fighter pilot and Billy the Kid meets Special Forces stuff. It's dangerous, political and high tech and only the very best in the world achieved what Terri did in the world’s most popular sport. That is not a drag show in the Village or a Literary Poetry reading in Soho or liberal collage in the north east. Terri was in the midst of a professional rocket science hurricane trying to kill her at any moment. 

Could the focus be, that O'Connell's uniqueness revolves around her out of the box physical appearance, that she came to this world designated a male but in all reality she was actually a female with miss matched DNA and biology ("Disorders of Sexual Development" - she is not Transgender) ... and that set her up for one of the most unique and controversial lives in world history. Her natural 5'6",117 pound, 34-24-34 size 4 fashion model physical appearance in the center of the worlds most macho and dangerous sport is simply over the top, that placed undue hardship on her award winning career, and her social status in her small Mississippi home town. Her life was threatened many times simply because of what she looked like. As a woman those physical attributes made her life easier, but as a boy, it made her life miserable. as a child and young adult she was bullied and teased unmercifully because of her physical appearance and her soft and feminine heart ... yet she excelled in the worlds most macho and dangerous sport, that took tenacity.

However, the focus could be on her life post corrective surgery where she blended in to the NASCAR and professional Motorsports community in total anonymity from her past life as an award winning driver in the sport. (That is like a quarter back for the NFL coming back as a designer and model and dating the Team owner all in total anonymity as the former quarter back for the team - although that quarter back was a small quarter back) Then, she became business partners with a US Congressman from North Carolina who ultimately stole her company leaving her homeless, dated NASCAR executives and a Congressman form Ohio, modeled for a respected modeling agency in Charlotte (a real modeling agency - not one made up for TV) and was sexually abused by a high level sports - banking executive all while as an entrepreneur she designed, developed and ran the first apparel company for the female race fan. Talk about being in the witness protection plan, O'Connell takes that to the next level of, "I can’t believe that actually happened".

Looking back though, the story of her life after her incredible life was revealed to the world, takes on a whole different set of life challenges. The media ran like wild fire through her life and the Congressman who destroyed her business put the PR big dogs on her trying to diminish her life story.  All through this extreme stress, Terri's father died, her two best friends past away, she lost every thing she owned and was homeless twice. That was enough to kill ten people, but Terri kept her head up, fought through the pain, shed a million tears and never gave up on getting her life back on track! Since then, she has become an international celebrity, lived with Bianca Jagger, appeared in most media outlets and took surviving up a few notches.

So what is it going to be, what particular part of her amazing once in world history life is the media going to focus on ... we think all of it is a good place to start!

Terri's historic life, her natural beauty and her against all odds personal and professional life are the important issues to talk about (Not that the congressman and NASCAR president stories are mush) ... Beating the odds, talent, perseverance, being fearless, courage … that's what her memoir Dangerous Curves is all about, that is what she is all about!


"Today the all-time list of celeb biogs includes unconventional spirits like Dolly Pardon and Paula Deen. But it's safe to say that Dangerous Curves is - and will be for a long time - a new and startling benchmark of Southern autobiography. Dangerous Curves is a "Great American Story".

--Patricia Nell Warren - New York Times Best Selling Author

Dangerous Curves, "Defiant, Game Changing!

Superior and unexpected journey turns into a dynamic and heart felt read appealing to not only sports fans, but book readers all across America! memoir reads like a mystery novel!



"This is a hell of a story . . . amazing"

 -- Larry King, Larry King Live - from his past interview with Terri O'Connell

"Terri O'Connell is one of the most incredible stories I have ever worked on . . . she is going to be a star at what ever she does."

-- Judy Tygard. Producer for CBS - 48 Hours . . . formerly with 20/20 ABC

"Terri O' is a contradiction in terms, she is an amazing combination of Rosa Parks, Cindy Crawford and Mario Andretti rolled up into one historic figure. This is an amazing book!"                    

-- Maer Roshan, Editor - Radar Magazine / Radar online 

Walsh's definition of the Great American Novel fits the Great American Story too, as neatly as a wing fits on a race car... And Terri O'Connell's Dangerous Curves is definitely a Great American Story.

-- Patricia Nell Warren, New York Times best selling author

Candice Bergin called Terri O'Connell a Renaissance Woman in an interview with her on the Oxygen Channel!




She has always been ... Defying the Odds!

Terri O'Connell is one of those people who is always defying the odds ... she gets up off the mat, dust herself off and gets back in the game, and she does it in the big leagues.

Terri does not sit around wishing she could race in the Indy 500 or NASCAR, or try to break the over 700 miles per hour World Land Speed record. She gets out there and makes the attempt ... even when virtually every one is telling her she has no chance to make it. Even when political power players try to prevent her from making it in the big arenas, she refuses to let them derail her dreams and goals.

"You Can't!" That's what everyone was telling her before she traveled across America to win over 500 professional Motorsports events and several national championships to ultimately make it to NASCAR's premier series Sprint Cup! "You Can't!" That was what every one told her before she designed and developed the first apparel company for the female race fan and when she became a model through out the Southeast. "You can’t", only means, "I'll see you in victory lane", to Terri O'!


Been There Done That!

Terri O' ... 

Survived premature birth and death defying illness as a child that no one thought she could survive!

Won state, regional & national Karting championships when every one told her she was too small and fragile, and was from a small town in Mississippi not from California or a big city!

Won Midget national championships in cars she designed and built herself when every one told her there was no way that could ever happen because she was from Mississippi and under financed!

Won Sprint Car national events against the likes of Jeff Gordon through out America when every one told her there was no way in Hell she would ever win on the national circuit!

Ultimately made it to NASCAR's andAmerica's premier and most difficult racing series Sprint Cup even though every one told her she had no chance of ever pulling that off! (Only the best of the best of the very best make it to that series that includes Terri O'.)

All of her professional racing career was spent fighting back political black listing, bullying and bigotry because of her gender issue. The rumors, gossip and black listing in her home town was even worse if that is possible! (Over 500 career wins, 3 national championships, NASCAR Sprint Cup)

Designed and developed the first apparel company for the female race fan when every one told her she would fail! (Terri also designed, built and drove most of the tricked out race cars she won all her races in, including her national championships.)

Worked as a regional fashion model when no one believed she could or did. Not because she was not pretty and looked like a model, because she was from a small town in Mississippi and she was once a boy! But she did it and proved every one wrong and did it in total anonymity from her past life! (Terri is 5'6', 117 pounds, 34-24-34 figure, size 8 women's shoe, size 4 dress and looks an awful like actress Lisa Hartman Black)

Is the first and only person in world history to race professionally  or compete in any professional sport as a male and as a female! (She was born with miss-matched DNA (xxy) and biology ("Disorders of Sexual Development" - she is not Transgender) which makes her Motorsports accomplishments even more impressive and courageous.) 

Has appeared on virtually every magazine and talk show in America including several around the world because of her once in world history life story, even though every one told her no one in the media would cover her story!

Has paled around with some of the biggest sports stars and celebrities in America including living with fashion and social activist icon Bianca Jagger. Did she really do this ... yes she did and a whole lot more!

Wrote and published memoir written by her, not by a ghost or co writer when EVERY one told her she did not have the talent or literary experience to do so! This book was blocked by the biggest and most powerful Motorsports executives and a few high profile politicians! Her memoir has been endorsed by some of the media elite and praised for its content, literary skill and amazing historic story!

Her actual once in world history story and fame is based on actual accomplishment in professional sports and the professional market place, not because of salacious sexual idealism pushing the social envelope to the brink that is seen so much in the media today. She is a mainstream girl with astonishing professional success achieved against the most daunting odds! Her sport is auto racing - NASCAR the most dangerous, the most macho, the most expensive, the most Middle American and the most popular spectator sport in the world. No pregnant belly hoaxes or freaky mayors here, just class, dignity, perseverance, natural femininity and world class talent standing in victory lane. 

Dated NASCAR Sprint Cup team owner, dated Ohio Congressman (now a Washington lobbyist - Republican), was business partners with sitting US Congressman from North Carolina (who took advantage of her in business deal - Republican), was sexually abused by high level motorsports - banking executive, socialized with most of the NASCAR elite and media (most of who are on air today on Speed, ABC - ESPN, Sirius NASCAR radio). All of this happened in total anonymity from her past life as a male racer in NASCAR.

                      Being first is a way of life!

There are many more first for Terri O'Connell and they are all revealed in her “NEW” revised, controversial, revealing and compelling e book edition of her tell all memoir "Dangerous Curves" due for national release on October 12th, 2012 exclusively on


Who is in the memoir?

What does Mario Andretti, Richard Petty, Bianca Jagger, Don Johnson, Kurt Russell, Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Humpy Wheeler, United States Congressman Robin Hayes and civil rights activist Donzaleigh Abernathy have in common with Terri O'Connell? Her new memoir "Dangerous Curves" of course ... among many more high profile celebs!

Quote from a big time player!

"Terri's life clearly transcends the motorsports community and charges directly into pop culture and Middle America with one of the most riveting and heart warming memoirs in history. Yes, she is cutting edge and controversial but not because she is weird, freaky or on the fringe. Terri O' is cutting edge because she is so normal, accomplished and personable while being smart and non stereotypical in the midst of an out of control any thing goes society and most difficult biological condition. She is cutting edge because of her natural beauty, her world class talent and her desire to persevere and never ever give up. She is cutting edge because she clearly fits, appeals and lives right smack in Middle America and NASCAR, not the more liberal communities. Terri O' exemplifies class and courage in the midst of some pretty big professional odds and social circumstances.

Oh yeah, just to get every one up to speed on how difficult racing is, driving a one thousand horse powered Sprint Car on a half mile high bank dirt oval at over 150 miles per hour with thirty other racers is like a night time landing with a F-14 fighter jet on an aircraft carrier in the middle of a rain storm every fifteen seconds fifty times in a row. That is cutting edge, that raises the bar and proves that Terri O'Connell is the worlds most dynamic, successful and classiest gender related story in history. Terri O's memoir "Dangerous Curves", is a game changer ... Terri O' herself, is a defiant game changer and the importance and significance of her resurgence in professional motorsports which she kicked into gear in 2012 cannot be overstated!"

Gil Toff, Former member of the USA Soccer Team, Documentary Film Maker


Dangerous Curves: The Terri O’Connell Story is not a memoir or a life filled with sound bites & bumper sticker clichés!

book_cover.jpg  xx_book_-_new_cover_front_-_impressions_-_ragged_-_Copy_lo_rez.jpg

                                           Due for revised and rerelease October 5th, 2015

It’s “Gutsy and Trailblazes into the history books”!


You've seen Terri O’Connell on Larry King Live, 20/20, The Biography Channel, ET and in the New York Times, People, Newsweek, George and most of all the media around the world ... and in the official Trivial Pursuit game!

"Dangerous Curves" is 676 pages of the real deal; it's a real book and a game changer of actuality in the ultimate human challenge, it’s dramatically frank, revealing, soulfully felt and tastefully unexpected. This is a book with heart, daunting challenges and a get out of the box attitude lived in the confines of a first and only historic life. Terri's memoir is in your face with political intrigue, sports power players, unbelievable and some times shocking family dynamics that careens and Trailblaze’s into pop culture with iconic acknowledgment and courage. Millions of fans and book readers around the world, and the who's who in American media have embraced and branded O’Connell’s compelling life story as one of history’s most courageous against all odds sagas!

Rich with superior and unexpected living experiences that challenges everyone to get out of the box and re-think old attitudes about biological gender issues and professional sports, this game changing memoir is poised to be one of the great memoirs in our time if not history. This heroic and courageous fashion model and world class national champion race driver faced down heart breaking life and professional challenges and ultimately made it to NASCAR's top series Sprint Cup - all while surviving bone crushing crashes, hard core social bigotry and a life time of daunting depression. Every one is going to need a crash helmet before they challenge all twenty five drama filled chapters of this well organized and well written memoir littered with the biggest names in sports, polished with national celebrities, haunted by high powered well connected Washington politicians and more real life twist and turns than any Steven King Novel!

Doubled spaced and set in a bolder print, Dangerous Curves has been positioned to make this amazing and revealing - renaissance reading experience even more accessible and amazing! This unexpected journey into the hearts of people from all walks of life is Motorsports first tell-all memoir and one of the Great American Stories of our time. This is the gutsy story that big time national politicians and auto racing power players don't want told ... but the story that millions of fans around the world can't wait to read!

 "Where there is danger ... there is drama."

--Martin Scorsese  


Dangerous Curves: The Terri O'Connell Story is the revealing memoir about the most dynamic, inspiring and controversial athlete in the world!

Born with a rare biological anomaly called "Disorders of Sexual Development" (Intersex) with rare DNA, “Terri’s life and this memoir is NOT a book about the Transgender issue, Terri is not Transgender”. Terri had her biological anomaly corrected in 1994 as written about in the later pages of this most compelling and historic memoir.


As a model, author, and professional race driver with over 500 career wins and stint in NASCAR’s top series Sprint Cup, O'Connell became a pop culture media darling when her shocking and inspiring life story broke through out the international media. She has appeared in most main stream magazines and news papers which includes the New York Times, Newsweek and People as well as all the "A" list talk and magazine shows with Larry King, 20/20 and the Bio Channel to mention only a small few!

Her life story has been called "A Great American Story" and the new bench mark for Southern memoirs by the media elite and NYT’s best selling authors! And a book that connects with people from all walks of life!

Now, Dangerous Curves is being released as an easy to read e book with many compelling revisions, updates, photos and edits ramping the drama and danger up even more. DC is sure to generate more debate and inspiration than ever before with stories about model Bianca Jagger, actor Don Johnson, NASCAR legend Darrell Waltrip and many more well known celebs that connected with Terri O's ICONIC LIFE …including well know national politicians who she dated, partnered with in national business deals and was abused by!

This inspiring and dynamic tale is the story motorsports officials and big time national politicians don't want told, but the story fans through out the world cannot wait to read. Full of celebs, high profile athletes and well known politicians, O’Connell takes the reader on a journey right out of Days of Thunder and Grand Prix, and bookended with War and Peace and To Kill a Mocking Bird!

Well written, beautifully inspired with true grit, drama and a will to always beat the odds, Dangerous Curves transcends sports and motorsports to become that one memoir that drives reality and actually into the homes and hearts all around the world.

Motorsports is the back drop for the shocking life story, but the life events, the family dynamics and the pop culture implications surely places Dangerous Curves in the midst of the great memoirs in American history. O’Connell has left no stone un turned in getting her iconic life on to the pages of DC. Civil rights, professional sports, bullying, black listing, gender and women’s issues set in the midst of Deep South social politics ramps up her real life drama. She takes great risk and shows amazing courage by enlightening everyone concerning her rare condition, Disorders of Sexual Development. With the frank willingness to expose her heart to the world in the midst of a unique and rare biological anomaly that challenged her health, her social safety and her iconic and rising career in professional motorsports, O’Connell compell’s the reader to re think life, to challenge there own personal journey’s in life. Her daunting biological issue, among many other real life challenges that connects with men and women from all walks of life encapsulates the shocking story of O'Connell's life with honesty and awe that she actually survived to tell this historic story!

Dangerous Curves, in a reality world for fame without talent, accomplishment or endurance, is the true beating the odds story of our time that has inspired people   to rally, cry, scream out and cheer for Terri all on one daunting chapter as she takes the reader on the most daunting and unique journey in American if not international history!

There is no one on planet earth quite like Terri O'Connell, she has made world history, took on the big time political machines, and survived when most would not … and it's safe to say there is not another memoir quite like Dangerous Curves on planet earth either. That's why this courageous and one of a kind iconic trailblazer has her very own question about her life in the official Trivial Pursuit game. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

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