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Terri O' Supports All LGBT-I / Diversity - Minorities / Women's Civil Rights Issues!




Terri O’Connell is one of those fearless people who exemplifies the word over achiever, she has guts and exemplifies courage in the face of overwhelming odds … the social trailblazer has virtually done it all socially, professionally and athletically. Through out the late seventies and on through to the mid nineties, Terri O’, a 5’6”, 118 pound, 34-24-34 model was ripping up the motor speedways all across America winning more than 500 auto races in The World of Outlaw Sprint Cars to Sports Cars and even made it to NASCAR’s premier series, Sprint Cup. The multi time National Champion clearly set the bar for success in the worlds # 1 spectator sport. In the mid nineties she took it up a notch by developing the first apparel collection exclusively designed for the female race fan and then carried that momentum on forward by becoming a fashion model through out the South East, even representing Candies shoes, Volkswagen, the Fashion Café and Este Lauder in national campaigns.

In 1998, she sent shock waves and fear through the sports world when she told her amazing and compelling against all odds life story to the acclaims of the international press revealing that she was born with a rare biological disorder, “Disorders of Sexual Development” (Was borne with both male and female biological characteristics – dominant female with female DNA - SHE IS NOT TRANSGENDER) and had actually lived the first twenty seven years of her life as a male before long needed corrective surgery in 1994. Since that fearless world class coming out party (which has been called the most courageous act in the sports communities history because of her sport, her region and the city the international news broke in), O’Connell has received ground breaking, record setting and historic exposure all around the world. Every media outlet in America covered the Terri O’Connell story extensively. The New York Times, People Magazine, 20/20, Larry King and The Biography Channel just to mention a few have show cased the amazing life of Terri O’Connell. Even the European, Asian and South American media have covered her historic story with a fevered pitch. Having had no cosmetic surgery to change her physical appearance, O'Connell's natural beauty now shines brighter than ever before!  (See Vital Signs Page)


Today, Terri O’ is moving her driving shoes even faster with the "EVEN MORE DANGEROUS" national  release of her daunting Tell – All memoir Dangerous Curves  exclusively here @ the DCS Store! Filled with new and compelling untold stories from behind the headlines and never revealed until now, Dangerous Curves eBook is positioned to challenge and inspire readers even more as they take on O'Connell's dangerous journeys through life and in motorsports. As a fashion and racing entrepreneur Terri bravely takes on Motorsports while revealing her astonishing business relationship with a high powered U.S. Congressman and astonishing stories about some well known Hollywood and music celebrities. The book finally tells the amazing story of how Terri fostered business deals and dated Motorsports VIP’s, as well as a powerful congressman from Ohio, all in total anonymity from her past life as a NASCAR and national champion race driver driver. Her memoir also reveals the dramatic and devastating date rape that took her to the brink at the hands of a powerful Motorsports executive.


Terri’s historic story uncovers a life time of heart break and depression lived in the midst of a southern family always on the brink of disaster from scandal and physical illness generated from Terri’s premature birth and her complicated biology. Human challenge, family dynamics, women’s issues, sexism , bigotry and high profile professional sports along side international celebrities played out through the eyes of a defiant and beating the odds attitude is what beats with in the heart of Terri O’Connell and her “Game Changing” memoir Dangerous Curves!  This is the inspiring story fans from around the world cant seem to get enough of … and now with the historic resurgence of her National Championship racing career and the launch of her long awaited DCS Apparel concepts, O’Connell is geared up for her next successful run in the international spotlight ... Go Terri O'!

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