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Terri O' Supports All LGBT-I / Diversity - Minorities / Women's Civil Rights Issues!




“Terri is one of the top five best racers I’ve ever seen drive”

--Shand Tilman, Former Track Promoter @ Riverside Speedway in West Memphis

      Mr. Tillman made this statement on the ABC 20/20 profile about Terri O’Connell

West Memphis is considered to be one of the toughest race tracks in America and where all the best Sprint Car divers in American History have raced and won, including the Swindells, the Kinsers and Stinhouse. His statement about Terri clearly solidifies her place in American History as one of its best race drivers!




I chose Terri O'Connell to drive for my race team over other highly qualified, well known professional race car drivers!

 I've seen both Terri O' and Danica Patrick in person and even though Terri is still small, at 5'6" Terri is taller, prettier and a lot better racer! In my opinion, she is absolutely the most courageous, defiant and driven athlete in the world, no professional athlete has over come more to make it to the top ... no one, and that saying something!

1) She has established world class championship winning talent, has won National Championships, has over 500 wins and raced in NARCAR's elite series Sprint Cup  ... and the skill sets to drive any type of high powered race car from dirt track World of Outlaw Sprint Cars to American Le Mans road racing Sports Cars to NASCAR Stock Cars with courage, talent and wisdom! She is Motorsports most dynamic "Racing Triathlete"! 

2) She has elite engineering skills and knows what makes a race car tick, and has designed and built over forty exotic race cars ... a vital link to winning in the highly competitive world of motorsports ... every team is looking for a driver with top driving skills and top engineering skills. In Terri O' you get both!

3) Terri O' knows that to finish first, first you must finish, all while being aggressive and fast. Her proven record showcases her ability to go fast, to win without crashing into others or crashing herself out in a stupid move ... as a team owner with a substantial financial investment, she is exactly what we need to run a successful operation and not break the bank doing so! 

4) Terri O' is someone who has the desire to commit herself to a project and see it through ... she is not a quitter, a highly positive trait needed to win in the most difficult sport in the world that will test ones resolve at every turn. Terri O' has courage and tenacity above most in the sport and in life. We like that a lot!

5) She brings international media exposure above most elite athletes ... her once in history life is what legends are built on and yes, she is different, but different in the most outstanding ways that embodies all the human spirit of beating the odds is built up on. She is also beautiful, has worked as a model, has a warm and inclusive personality and that only enhances how she fits into our team and interacts with fans and sponsors from New York City to Knoxville, Iowa. She is pretty much the cutest and coolest  person that’s rolled into Knoxville! Everyone loves Terri O', meeting her is infectious! 

-- Scott Galpin, Team Owner - GO Racing / Sprint Car Team - 

    Knoxville, Iowa




Statement of Endorsement: Terri O’Connell’s qualifications are unquestioned; she has what it takes to compete in any professional racing series!

This October I witnessed just how accomplished Terri O'Connell was as a race driver when she ran some very quick and impressive laps in a late model stock car at the famed Langley Speedway in Hampton, Virginia. Langley has the reputation as being one of if not the toughest NASCAR Weekly Racing Series tracks in America with its fast and flat turns.

When Terri was ask if she wanted to make some laps in the stock car just to see how she liked it, she jumped at the opportunity, borrowed a helmet and Hanns way too big for her head, strapped in the seat three times too big for her body, fired that puppy up and pulled out on the track. Which by the way, a track she had never turned one lap on before, or ever driven the car she was now sitting in. With one lap to warm up, she went hammer down and to all of our amazement, with in three laps she had turned fast lap of the day and kept on getting faster and faster with each lap, actually running the perfect line around the cranky old track.

When she returned to the pits, as we all stood there with our mouths open, she just casually got out of the car as if she had done nothing particularly important. Of course all us stock car guys knew better, we had been impressed ... actually shocked because none of us hard nosed men thought she would be able to even get close to going that fast, even though we had read about her over 500 wins and career of winning in many different types of race cars and her NASCAR Sprint Cup experience. (By the way she did this with three broken ribs on her right side, and could barely get in the car, she could barely move with out terrible pain) A week later we saw her turn in the fastest lap of the month at the local Karting facility and once again, she had never seen the place or driven the Kart.

Enough said, her legend continues, Terri O' is a driving a phenom who has my total endorsement, she made a believer out of me and the ten other guys watching her make fools out of us. With the right backing ... the world will be her oyster!

Clearly, she is the most courageous person I've ever met, probally the most courageous person in America when its all said and done!

 -- Roger Brehm, Owner - Producer @ Pit Wall Productions, Hampton, Va




Terri O'Connell not only has the talent to compete at the highest levels in motorsports and in 2012, she still has that world class talent; she proved she still has the ability to win. My job as a world class team owner who has won the greatest racing events in the world is to give her the best opportunity to compete at the top levels of motorsports. Our team of professionals has scored three victories in The 24 Hrs of Le Mans and The 12 Hours of Sebring with the worlds best drivers all while managing Porsche's and Lamborghini factory teams, our goal is to provide Terri O' with the cars and team that will get her to victory lane on the world stage.
 Terri O' is a special talent with a historic and courageous life story that will surely generate extreme media and fan interest ... with our all female world class international driving team, with Terri as the lead driver, two outstanding and exciting ventures in sports history will be achieved as the talented ladies go for success @ the 24 Hours of Daytona, Sebring and Long Beach. Our championship winning Barbour Team, with television coverage coming from ABC, ESPN and Speed ensures a competitive run in these international events on the track and in the media domestically and globally. We are fully committed to Terri O'Connell and her inspirational drive into the history books.

What Terri brings to any sponsor is more than extreme media exposure through her first in world history racing career and amazing life, she brings commitment, courage, tenacity and talent all wrapped around un yielding perseverance and beauty. She's been called cool and hip, driven with the vision of adventure always on her horizon, all which are true. But to us at Dick Barbour racing, we find her warm and inclusive personality is what seals the deal with not only us, but with sponsors and fans. She is as comfortable in Middle America as she is at a country club in the Hampton's or in a board room negotiating a million dollar business deal. She is what iconic heroes are made of, she is the very best in the human spirit ... exactly the image any sponsor is looking to project to the world. She knows adversity, she knows beating the odds and she knows what it takes to make gut wrenching life decisions while maintain dignity and a positive attitude. Terri's well known and established Renaissance life and talents make her a winner on the track, in the market place, and more importantly in life! 
Dick Barbour 
President, CEO Dick Barbour Racing
Atlanta, Ga




As former US Soccer Team member Gill Toff stated, the importance and social relevance of Terri O'Connell's 2012/2013 motorsports resurgence in the top levels of professional motorsports cannot be over appreciated or over stated ... this is big time courageous stuff both socially and professionally! Terri O' clearly proves that even in this day and time, where any thing goes in order to be famous and paying ones dues with hard work is out of vogue; talent, courage and commitment still count. Terri O' has no problem paying her dues, making twenty four hour a day commitments to her career, or taking daunting risks to find success on the race track or in her business ventures! And she does this with class and dignity.

I witnessed her courage and talent all season as she boldly took on the most macho racing drivers in America with her speed, grit and grace. She endured sexism and every thing in between during the season but always remained calm, cool and collected, she never flinched! I also witnessed her working fourteen and twenty four hour days in one hundred degree heat preparing and racing her 950 Horse powered Sprint Car at Americas most famous, difficult and dangerous track, Knoxville Raceway in Knoxville, Iowa.

I assure you, Danica nor the Kardashians would have made that commitment or endured the grueling hard work, and especially the exhausting and rigorous schedule that Terri O' did! Actually, not many people would have made the commitment Terri did this past Summer to pursue their dream or career, but that's what sets her apart from most! As a winning car owner and retired military, I acknowledge commitment, honor and work ethic surrounded by talent, and I'm committing myself to get Terri O' in one of my Sprint Cars in 2013 any time her schedules allows it, she deserves it! No doubt, she has what it tkes to return to NASCAR in really big ways!

Tom Madden - Madden Racing, Newton, Iowa


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