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Terri O' Supports All LGBT-I / Diversity - Minorities / Women's Civil Rights Issues!



It's been said that Terri O'Connell is unique, different, a step out side the norm ... it's all true in the most positive and inspiring ways!

Yes, this 5'6", 118lb model and trailblazer is different because of her very unique biological anomaly, and yes it's considered to be out of the norm, out of the mainstream ... all true but her situation is a clear case of mother nature throwing a curve ball just like any of the many birth anomaly's. Key is, she showed tremendous courage, historic resilience and persevered over more daunting life challenges than most anyone living on this earth to correct the biological anomaly and and become an iconic champion, and a hero for people all around the world. She is a compelling survivor and an inspirational character that connects not only with the urban fan, but fans throughout Middle America as well!

Race Driver ... Different, you bet ... her over 500 career victories and mutable national championships won against Americas best drivers in several different racing series separates Terri O' from the pack and driving away. She is different because of her world class talent and her ability to find victory lane in many different types of race cars just like hall of fame and iconic drivers A.J. Foyt, Mario Andretti, Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart ... she is different, unique and a breath of fresh air in the world's most difficult sport. As a model, author, artist and engineer, she is Motorsports most talented, versatile and dynamic female race driver,  who has beaten the best of bad boys on more than 500 occasions, that impressive list includes Gordon and Stewart!

Creative Genius ... Different, you bet ... in every possible way Terri stands out as a creative genius. Her artistic talents are legendary, her creativity in designing and building innovative racing machines are logged in the record books, her apparel design flair grabs every one's attention from LA to NYC and her literary skills and the ability to generate one of the most compelling memoirs in American history is inspiring people all around the world. She is so creative and out side the box when it comes to marketing and public relations with her inspirational way of generating buzz around any project she is affiliated with, that she inspires anyone she works with to reach for higher goals! She blends old school commonsense with new century out of the box thinking ... now, that's really different in today's landscape!

Media Exposure ... Different, you bet and her past and current media exposure proves it ... clearly, it's because of her unique life, her courage to persevere, her open and warm personality, her natural beauty and her willingness to be open about her iconic life. All of this has made her an International media phenom with exposure transcending all media mediums. Race fans, to the pop culture fan all find Terri's life journey, her amazing racing talent and new found resurgence to be a story they all connect with. You want drama, inspiring courage, national celebrities, heart warming family dynamics and of course compelling motorsports challenges, you're gong to get it all in Terri O'Connell!

So when someone says ... oh, she is different ... you can just say, you bet she is, and she is different in the most positive way that inspires others from all walks of life to be their very best. Stereotypical she is not, not on any level. She is different because of her courage, her talent, her ability to beat the odds and her ability to get out of the box to chase her dreams ... every thing we all wish we could be, every thing the human spirit is built upon ... every thing any company would want in a person to represent their image!

Gil Toff, Los Angeles, CA - Film Maker, Producer, Former Member of the US Soccer Team


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