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Terri O' Supports All LGBT-I / Diversity - Minorities / Women's Civil Rights Issues!


                 The best thing to come across my desk in years!

                 --George Johnsen, Oscar, Grammy, Emmy Winner

It’s “Gutsy & Trailblazes into the history books”!

Tagged as the "Female Rocky"!

"Dangerous Curves is the new benchmark for Southern autobiographies over Paula Deen & Dolly Pardon ... Dangerous Curves is a Great American Story!"

--Patricia Nell Warren, New York Times Best Selling Author


You've seen Terri O’Connell on Larry King Live, 20/20, The Biography Channel, ET and in the New York Times, People, Newsweek, George & most of all the media around the world ... & in the official Trivial Pursuit game!


"Dangerous Curves" is 676 pages of the real deal; it's a real book and a game changer of actuality in the ultimate human challenge, it’s dramatically frank, revealing, soulfully felt and tastefully unexpected. This is a book with heart, daunting challenges and a get out of the box attitude lived in the confines of a first and only historic life. Terri's memoir is in your face with political intrigue, sports power players, unbelievable and some times shocking family dynamics that careens and Trailblaze’s into pop culture with iconic acknowledgment and courage. Millions of fans and book readers around the world, and the who's who in American media have embraced and branded O’Connell’s compelling life story as one of history’s most courageous against all odds sagas!

Rich with superior and unexpected living experiences that challenges everyone to get out of the box and re-think old attitudes about biological gender issues and professional sports, this game changing memoir is poised to be one of the great memoirs in our time if not history. This heroic and courageous fashion model and world class national champion race driver faced down heart breaking life and professional challenges and ultimately made it to NASCAR's top series Sprint Cup - all while surviving bone crushing crashes, hard core social bigotry and a life time of daunting depression. Every one is going to need a crash helmet before they challenge all twenty five drama filled chapters of this well organized and well written memoir littered with the biggest names in sports, polished with national celebrities, haunted by high powered well connected Washington politicians and more real life twist and turns than any Steven King Novel!

Doubled spaced and set in a bolder print, Dangerous Curves has been positioned to make this amazing and revealing - renaissance reading experience even more accessible and amazing! This unexpected journey into the hearts of people from all walks of life is Motorsports first tell-all memoir and one of the Great American Stories of our time. This is the gutsy story that big time national politicians and auto racing power players don't want told ... but the story that millions of fans around the world can't wait to read!

 "Where there is danger ... there is drama."

--Martin Scorsese


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